Saturday, May 30, 2009

Assessing the Whole Project GULP!!!

It's almost June 1st and the weather in the Sacramento area is getting up to the 90's. I figured that I better get out there early and start doing some work on the popup. Lots of cleaning to do. I found that the floor is actually not that bad, except for the door area. We have installed new flooring in our other trailers, so I think it might be nice to leave it original and maybe throw a rug down in front of the door, for now. So I gave it a good scrubbing with some ammonia cleanser. Wow...there really is alot of water damage along the top and bottom perimeter of the popup lids. And there is bad damage to the galley cabinet front and the front by the door. The original door is gone and I think someone made a replacement out of wood. The door is curved in shape and has started to swell and disfigure from water damage. The birch wood fronts for the upper cubby holes have been torn out. Steve and I sat in the trailer this morning and discussed what part we can tackle and what part should we seek someone with more advanced woodworking skills? We decide that we can handle most of it (famous last words) but rebuilding the galley cabinet front needs a carpenters talent. We hung the new canvas and tried out the new cushions. Looks great. Steve did some work adjusting the pulley system..the rear right raised up slower than the left. I contacted a few people to see about getting a quote for some woodworking. Tomorrow we plan on pulling the wheels to check out the bearings and get started on stripping the rust off of the rims. Then new tires are in order. I bought a couple of large 53 Ford hubcaps...they will look classy on those wheels, rather than the dog-dish type hubcaps. We are not into the full gutting of and totally redoing our trailers. We do what is needed to make it usable and little by little make improvements here and there. I am hoping to camp out in the Ranger by Fall of this year, perhaps up in Tahoe. I prefer to camp where the temperatures are cooler than at home, especially since it got pretty hot inside the Ranger when we put the canvas up.....even with the zipper windows!

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  1. I have a 56 Ranger how much did you spend on the canvas? thanks Bill